If he was born in Queens, New York in 1959, he would be old but not Southern.
If he was raised in Chesterfield County in Virginia, he would be associated with the nefarious Ted Nugent and the new, inclusive KKK.
If he had attended High School with rich people, he would never have become so poor.
If he had obtained a degree from Georgia Tech in the early 80s, he would never have become an artist.
If he had worked at Georgia Tech professionally for eight years, he would have accolades on which to rest, he would be on sound financial footing and would have made wise investment decisions.
If he was rested, sound, and wise, he would not have abandoned all that to get his MFA in painting and drawing at the University of Georgia.
If he had done that, then that would have resulted in his having to endure a bout with thyroid cancer, a knocking silly by a divorce, and an eight year stint in dark wet crawlspaces fixing pipes and wires and soggy wood.
If those things did happen, he probably would have hurt his back about a year ago.
And, if he hadn’t hurt his back, would he have had time to sit and work in his studio or lie on his back in interminable pain thinking about why he’s here?


Cabell C. Heyward Jr.
Beaufort, South Carolina

Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing, with distinction, University of Georgia, 1997
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1983

Employment, Grants
2005 – 2013     Independent subcontracting, home renovation, Beaufort, SC
2011                 Artist in Residence, Beaufort Middle School, Beaufort, SC
2006 – 2007     Art Teacher, St. Peters Catholic School, Beaufort, SC
2003 – 2006     Adjunct Instructor, drawing and painting – USC Beaufort
2003                 Artist in Residence, Academic Magnet High School, Charleston, SC
1999 – 2001    Drawing and Painting Instructor, The Shed Center for the Arts, Port Royal, SC
1999 – 2001    Coordinator, Open Studio for Figure Drawing, The Shed Center for the Arts
1998                Adjunct Instructor, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
1995 – 1997    Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Georgia
1994 – 1995    Instructor, Community Programs, Center for Continuing Education, University of  Georgia
1985 – 1993    Product Designer, Rehabilitation Engineer, Project Director, Center for Rehabilitation Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology

Awards, Achievements
Giraffe Award, bestowed by the Giraffe Project, December, 1988. Received as a founding member of the Mad Housers
Award for Excellence in Planning and Design in the Public Interest, given by Architectural Record to the Mad Housers, 1988
Special Award, given by the American Institute of Architects, Atlanta Chapter, to the Mad Housers, December 1988
Keynote Speaker as founding member of the Mad Housers, Mid-America College Art Association 53rd Annual Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio, November 1989
Design and fabrication of the Georgia Tech Ceremonial Mace, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1988
Human Relations Finalist Award, presented by the Georgia Institute of Technology, 1990
Member, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, 1997

Selected Exhibitions

“If You Lived Here,” organized by Martha Rosler and hosted by the Dia Art Foundation, New York City, May – June 1989
“Hut Raising,”a twenty minute on-site installation by the Mad Housers at the University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning, in conjunction with the Over the Rhine Design Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1989
“Hut Raising,”an on-site hut and information panel installation and by the Mad Housers at the Lower Armington Gallery, Greenville College, Greenville, Illinois, 1990
“Counterproposal,” at the Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, 1991 (Mad Housers)
“1997 Atlanta Biennial,” Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, Georgia 1997
“Athens Underground” at Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, July 25 – August 30, 1997
“Cowpobley,” The 1998 Master of Fine Arts Exhibition, The Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, Georgia 1998
“Still Lifes: Still Alive,” Lyndon House Art Center, Athens, Georgia, 1998
“The Anniversary Show,” Robert Matre Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia 1998
“Awards Show,” University of South Carolina at Beaufort Art Gallery, 1999
“Universal Truths,” an invitational exhibition at the York W. Bailey Museum at Penn Center, St. Helena Island, South Carolina, 2000
“Awards Show,” Beaufort Memorial Hospital, Beaufort, South Carolina, 2001
“Peephole,” a suite of fiberglass furniture altered by Cabell and Stephanie Heyward, Suite Home Chicago Public Art Project, Chicago Division of Cultural Affairs, Chicago, Illinois, 2001
“Beyond Impressionism,” Beaufort Public Library, 10-2001 – 3-2002, coinciding with a lecture series given by the artists
“Awards Show,” University of South Carolina at Beaufort Art Gallery, 2002
“Biennial 2002,” the Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Newport News, Virginia, 2002
“Expect the Unexpected,” invitational, Charles Street Gallery, Beaufort, SC, 12-2003 - 1-2004
“Five Artists,” at the University of South Carolina at Beaufort Performing Arts Center, USCB Center for the Arts, 2011

“Twenty Second Annual Juried Exhibition,” Lyndon House Art Center, Athens, Georgia, 1995 Merit Award
“Seventeenth Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition,” Madison-Morgan Cultural Center, Madison, Georgia, 1995
“Twenty Third Annual Juried Exhibition,” Lyndon House Art Center, Athens, Georgia, 1996    Merit Award
“First Annual Statewide Juried Art Exhibition,” Madison-Morgan Cultural Center, Madison, Georgia, 1997  Merit Award
“38th Annual Spring Art Exhibition,” Beaufort Art Association, 1999  Evelyn R. Neidich Memorial Award
“Arts on the River, 2000, National Juried Fine Arts Exhibition,” City of Savannah Department of Cultural Affairs, Savannah, Georgia, 2000  Special Award and Purchase Award
“40th Annual Spring Art Exhibition,” Beaufort Art Association, 2001  2nd place
“41st Annual Spring Art Exhibition,” Beaufort Art Association, 2002  1st place

“Heyward's Recent Work,” Piedmont College, Athens, Georgia, 11-1997 – 1-1998
“Paintings by Cabell Heyward,” Monroe Art Guild, Monroe, Georgia, 1998
“The Continuous Shelf, Still Lifes by Cabell Heyward,” Beaufort Art Association, Library Gallery, Beaufort County Public Library, 1999
“Cabell Heyward,” at the Charles Street Gallery, Beaufort, South Carolina, 12-2000 – 1-2001
“Cabell Heyward,” at the Charles Street Gallery, Beaufort, South Carolina, 7-2002
“Peril Dreaming Promise,” an exhibition of assemblages at Lance Hall, Circular Congregational Church, Charleston, South Carolina, 2003
“Cabell Heyward,” at the Charles Street Gallery, Beaufort, South Carolina, 2006
“Exactly the Kind of Show You Would Want to See in Times Like These,” at the Charles Street Gallery, Beaufort, South Carolina, December, 2011

Selected Collections
Robert Steed, Atlanta, Georgia
Pritchard's Island Collection, Center for Coastal Ecology, USC Beaufort
Todd Emily, Athens, Georgia
Scott R. Belville, Athens, Georgia
John and Joan Templer, Beaufort
Savannah College of Art and Design

“Inhuman by Design, Recasting the Tools of Survival.” Southern Reader, Number 8, Spring Equinox, 1992
“On the Function of Contemporary Art.” Visual Arts, 4th issue, December 2000
“Michael Vaughan in the Image of Women.” The Lowcountry Weekly, February 21 – March 6, 2001
“Art versus Craft; A Review of the Hilton Head Art League's National Juried Show.” Visual Arts, 10th issue, June 2001

Selected Articles
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As an artist, I am a translator. I study the obscure language from which I somehow must derive meaning, and the universal language through which I must give it form. This meaning may have little or nothing to do with me personally. I do it because I am compelled; it feels right when other things do not. The more I acquiesce to what compels me, the more I recognize the critical importance of art. Art is the contribution of that part of the brain that is not conscious; it has an essential role in evolution. These days, we’re too left-brained. It is a conceit of consciousness to discredit its own foundation. We humans nevertheless can communicate almost universally through the arts; we come close to being unified as a species through the experience of it. It would seem that nature itself has determined that humans must have art, and that they will collectively dream through the work of their artists. A culture rejects its dreams at its own peril. What threatens art threatens human progress.

Cabell Heyward